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Monday, 2 July 2018

How To Install Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser

 How To Install  Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser

How To Install  Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser
How To Install  Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser
Hey, I hope you all well. Today also I am going to talk about chrome extensions, but not for desktop chrome browse.  Today I will tell you how to install all chrome extensions in your android browser. In a previous article I tell you  best hacking hacking chrome extensions for chrome(Read this article first for better knowledge)  after that many of you email me that how to run all these hacking chrome extensions in our android browser so today we discuss on that. And now a day we all use our smartphones rather than desktops.  So we all need all the stuff that we can do on our computers also do on our  smartphone. Let's start how to install chrome extensions in android browser.

Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser

Steps :-

To do this we need to install a browser in our android phone name Yandex Browser. ( Available in playstore).

How To Install  Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser
How To Install  Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser
Don't worry about Yandex Browser. I am not doing paid promotion  for this browser).Its good browser similar to chrome.

After install the browser to open it .
Then open as like in chrome  browser As you know.
And now enjoy your favorite chrome extensions in android browser. By search them and add in your browser.
You can see all your installed extensions in browser setting.

How To Install  Chrome Extension On Android Mobile Chrome Browser
In next article I will tell you some best extensions that you can use it in your daily life and make your life easy... Also share this article with your friends. And tell us about this.

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