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Monday, 16 October 2017

Tech Hacks Stuff You Need To Know Right Now


 Tech Hacks Stuff  You Need To Know Right Now

Tech Hacks Stuff  You Need To Know Right Now
Tech Hacks Stuff  You Need To Know Right Now

Hello friends, today we see some interesting hacking trick that you can use in your daily life. These all are very simple. No need to have hacking knowledge. just follow my steps and you can do it. soo let's start..... It helps to in your daily life...... 


😃 If you want to play an 18+ youtube video without sign than just put nsfw in front of youtube like eg. just put nsfw in front of youtube and enjoy..............

😝 If your school or college block some website to use and also not have permission to use VPN than just open google translate website and put you block website URL in the box then hit enter and enjoy ..... it works because google translate work as proxy.....

😮 I know many of you phone hang up and frozen than do one thing just plug it into the charger.

                                                    Tech Hacks Stuff  You Need To Know Right Now

😵 you can easily download your college or school assignments from and enjoy....

😊 When booking flights or hotels online. Clear cookies before you start looking, or shop in Incognito mode, for lower prices.

😋 Re-Open an accidentally closed browser tab, use shift+ctrl+t.




😎 if you play games on your smartphones and there is to many pop-up ads than play game in airplane mode... and enjoy..

😩 Want to download youtube video, just put ss after www. and before youtube. eg

😣 If you don't want to search on google with your location than use  NCR stands for “no country redirect”.

😃 Click with your mouse’s scroll button on link to open it in another browser tab.

😔 use K button to pause the video on the desktop in youtube.

😅 if your mobile sound is low just put your mobile into the empty cup.

                                                I hope you all like this. if you then share with your friends..... 

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