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Friday, 20 October 2017

How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad

 How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad

How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad
How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad

Hello, friends, i hope you all well. Friends we all use smartphones and do you ever imagine what happens if you costly smartphone lost or stolen, yes friends I am talking about iPhone. As we know iPhone is not cheap phone soo it lost to give you a big lose soo today we discuss how to find lost or stolen iPhone or ipad any ios devices.  Friends don't worry I give you all easy step to find your iPhone soo let's start.

Friends iPhone have a very useful app by which you can find your lost or stolen iPhone or other iso devices. And the app name is Find My iPhone if you already install this app is your iPhone than great. No one can stolen your phone but if you haven't install Find My iPhone app that don't worry i have other methods to find your phone.

First we go through by app method.

➨If you lost your iPhone or stolen than first take another iPhone from your friends.

than open Find, My iPhone app is not just downloaded it.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad

➨Now after open the app enter your apple id and password.

And wait for a minute it shows your location.

➨Not only location some other notification also available there like allowing Find My iPhone to know your location and an option to Turn on Send Last Location.

➨Agree on both of these. And it you iPhone location.

➨And your phone has lost in your home then you can also ring the phone in high volume to find it, and there is some more option like erase your data, lock your iPhone and more just check out.


  ➤ Now we go through without app method.

➨visit and log in with your apple id and password.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad
How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad

➨Now click on  Find iPhone and wait it show your location.

➨you can also erase and lock your iphone and add another number with a message for who find your phone and contact you.

➨You can use this method to find any iso devices.

soo friends this some official method to find your iPhone. In next article, I tell you how to find your iPhone if you don't have your apple id.

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  1. Now it's no secret that all our devices - computers, mobile phones, tablets - constantly share information about whereabouts.
    Find the phone is not a problem if there is a mobile tracker that is installed on the smartphone without the user's knowledge. For this task, a mobile phone is very convenient for one of your loved ones. Wherever they go,
    the phone is always with them. The tracker shows, the location, and it's possible to find a stolen phone in a short time.