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Friday, 8 September 2017

TCP UDP Connections Hacking Tutorial - 4

 TCP  UDP  Connections Hacking Tutorial-4

TCP  UDP  Connections Hacking Tutorial - 4
TCP  UDP  Connections Hacking Tutorial - 4

Hello friends how are you . soo up to now we cover  3 topic of Ethical hacking and now we  start 4 topic  TCP, UDP, connections. Friends this topic is soo easy soo ddon't worry and if you not go with previous topic than first go and read and than  this topic is easy to understand for you. All 3 link listed in last of article. TCP ,UDP is play important role on internet without this we can't use internet because TCP , UDP is protocol of internet by this protocol we receive data and send data. As we all know we  all machine which connect to internet have ip address by the ip address we send data and recive data and the method to send and recive data is called TCP , UDP.

Before  descussing about TCP , UDP . you must have to know how data  travel. Data travle in form of packet i mean when you download something then it come in form of small samll packets  and and the method of send and receive packet is TCP and UDP. And now we discuess how packet send or receive.
TCP  UDP  Connections Hacking Tutorial - 4
TCP  UDP  Connections Hacking Tutorial - 4

 There are two method or protocol by which we can receive or send data  
➤ TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol )
➤ UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

Now let see both protocol one by one.

➨TCP means Transmission control protocol by this protocol computer receive or send data directly to another computer and contected at time of sending or reciving and than after  disconnected there is no loss of data at time of receiving and sending and also this protocol is safe fast. when ever you download something and between downloading by chance network is disconnected and downloading is stop but when network connected and downloading start from where it stop and file is not crash than it is TCP. It means all data packet comes in our computer. and your downloading file work properly.

➨UDP User Datagram Protocol  this protocol is work same as TCP but the only different is than when the time of downloading when network disconnected the server steel send packet in your computer but because of disconnect you computer unable to receive packet and you loss you downloading data and your file crased . If you not understand  than i have a another example. when you watch live football match in you mobile and you network is disconnected for 5 min than what you steel receive data of live match  in your mobile  but your mobile unable to catch that data. and 5 min of live match data miss and you also unable to see that 5 min and now i think you understand how UDP work. And mainly UDP protocol use live streamming and online games and also in you tv.

                Soo friends this is the concept of TCP AND UDP i hope you all understand 

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