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Saturday, 2 September 2017

How To Get Back Disabled OR Permanently Disabled Adsense Account : Fix

       How To Get Back Disabled OR Permanently Disabled Adsense Account : Fix

How To Get Back Disabled OR Permanently Disabled Adsense Account : Fix
How To Get Back Disabled OR Permanently Disabled Adsense Account

Hy friends, today we talk about adsence and  this article is special for blogger or those who use adsence because i got many Email or msg about adsence suspended. I think in this month google suspended many adsence accounts some of for 1 month , some of for 6 month and some permantely. that's why i make this post to give you some idea about adsence that why google suspends and how to reactive you adsence account even  your account permanently  suspended yes it possible to getback  you  adsence account soo friends plese read all up to down....  let's start.

First we talk that why google suspended adsence account.  Their are many reason  like copyright , invalid click, view you own ads  these are most common. And i think google care on this  topic soo many of your acccount suspended.

                         How To Get Back Disabled OR Permanently Disabled Adsense Account

now i only talk about invalid click because i think this is most common reason for suspended.
If you all think we cheat on google than i tell you google is so smart. you can't cheat google. I know many of your adsence account suspended because of invalid click because when you click on your own ads and make some money or it's not notice by google than you do again these things and trust me you must suspended by  google in last of month. soo i suggest you never click on your own ads. just make some good article and one day come when their are many views on your sits and click also soo keep working... if you suspended and you think  its my fault than accept  the suspended order and if you are suspended for  1 month or 6 month than wait and keep working and  accept suspended as your punisment.

And now  we talk about those who never click on own ads  and never  do any wrong things. Than i tell you don't worry just follow my steps you getback you account 100%. First i  tell you when you ever notice that my CTR (cost through rate) is  more than 10% to 15 % than  first disabled you ads and fell a form of invalid click ( click here for form )  and tell you problem in form. Google help you. and you not suspended by adsence. And if you account disabled for some days you think i do nothing wrong than yu can aslo fell a form of invalid click appeal ( click here for form ) and express you problem and ans  the question in form and google verify and if you are not wrong than your account reactive in 72 hours.

And if you are suspended permanently than their is also a method but this method work when you have good audience. Because you audience help you to getback your account.if you suspended permanently than you can take help from you audience and tell him to tweet on #adsence and write why your blog or youtube channel is good trust me if 1000 tweet goes to adsence than 90% adsence reactive your account. but you must have trusted audience.

SOOO this is some method by which you can getback your suspended adsence account.
           If you have some question than ask me in comment. I try to slove them.



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