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Thursday, 3 August 2017

These Things Should Never share on social network

       These Things Should Never share on social network

These Things Should Never share on social network
These Things Should Never share on social network

Social network  is better choice to share something on internet . we all use facebook to share our daily life activites like what we do, what we eat, where we go, party attend and much more .  we all fell good to share our daily life on facebook but we all forget that when we share something on internet there are many king of people who watch our activites. Eithere they are bad  viewer or good. soo we have to care about internet sharing. Today i am going to explain what to share and what to not.

➤ Your vacation plans

 If we see on facebook and some other social networking sites  where 30 % of post are about vacation plans that we are going to there , we going to  there  and these kind of post are dangaours because we all know when we going to somewhere eles specaly on vacation we lock our home than go . And this information is golden information for  bad social viewers. By this information they can enter in your home and.......... you better know what they can do...... soo stop sharing  your vacation plans.

➤Your children information.

 Never share you childern information on social network like where they study. where they go for vacation . what he/she do or go  every day. like this. Because this type of information help kidnappers. They can attack on your child also. soo never share your child information and keep your child safe from kidnappers.

➤Your identity proof

Many of you share your identify proof on social networkin sites please stop sharing this. Never share your identity proof. This type of things are mainly done by young group when then made there new identity proof after 18 they show  it on social network like new driving licence. tax card and more.. Stop sharing thin because your enemy also see this post and they can use it in many bad activities.
These 3 important things  i tell you but more thing like you home address, your  income details  and more thing thant you feel it not to share please don't share.



                                              and keep safe......


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