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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Reconnaissance (Information Gather) Hacking Tutorial-2

 Reconnaissance (Information Gather) Hacking Tutorial-2

Reconnaissance (Information Gather) Hacking Tutorial-2
Reconnaissance (Information Gather) Hacking Tutorial-2


Hello my friends i hope you all well. Now it's time move on next topic in tutorial of ethical hacking and the next topic is Reconnaissance . I know you think about topic  Ethical requirements and legal issues and Penetration test report structure and components. But i think  these topic we need to talk in latter Because these topic is only about legal issues and it soo easy. soo first we talk about Reconnaissance.

 let's start....

When we plane to hack something the first thing we  do is Reconnaissance. This is first step of hacking and very important. In Reconnaissance we gather information about our target. Without information gathering it is hard to hack no i think it's too hard to hack. I know  you think about movies there only type some command and it's done , No friend in real world Hacking is not that much easy . hacking take time. Soo when you plan to hack something  than you first need to do Reconnaissance. And now the question is what type of information we need to gather about target.  soo let's talk about this.

➤We need to:-

Gather initial information

Determinine the network range

Identify active machines

Discover open ports and access points

Fingerprint the operating system

Uncover service on ports

Map the network

If you don't know some of above terms than don't worry I go through each term one by one.
Before  descuess about these term we need to talk about . Active Reconnaissance and Passive Reconnaissance.

when we gather information by directly interact with the computer system than it called Active Reconnaissance. And  in passive Reconnaissance  you will not directly connected to computer system. you have to gather information from somewhere eles by your mind.

Friends if i go through each topic in this post  than post go soo long and you you fell borring to read soo I decuess it on my next post in detail.Because i don't want to leave any single topic.In next topic we talk about above terms in details and tool to gather information.

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