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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Reconnaissance (Information Gather) part - 2 Hacking Tutorial-2

Reconnaissance (Information Gather) part - 2 Hacking Tutorial-2 

Reconnaissance (Information Gather) part - 2 Hacking Tutorial-2
Reconnaissance (Information Gather) part - 2 Hacking Tutorial-2


Hy friends in previous topic we discuss about Reconnaissance (Information Gather) in which we are know about how Reconnaissance is important in hacking  and i tell you what kind of information we need before hacking but i give only topic that time and now i discuss all these topic one by one soo lets start without wasting any time... click here to read previous topic

➤Gather initial information.

Gather initial information means we need know about about target ip address, what kind of OS victim use . I mean to say that some simple information about target. As much information you gather  as much hacking is easy for you. I am not say that you must know about these information but if you know these information it easy to hack the victem. If you want to know some basic information any ip adress or website just go to and enter ip address or website than you will get some basic information about target.

➤Determinine the network range.

Determing the network range means you have to gather all network type information like ip address sub ip address because when you attack on big network or website there are so many ip or sub ip. Now you can't understand network range. When we discuss about network than you will understand. For now if you want to  know network range than  give you a  tool to determine it .  This is not a tool this is a website name and enter ip address of target in right corner of website and you will get network of ip address. There are many tool like Traceroute and how to use traceroute  we discuss later.                     

➤Identify active machines.

Before attack you must know about where victem machine is active or not soo to know it we can use tool like Ping.  ping is method to know victim machine active or not. Friends i am only tell you about tool  not how to use because if i tell you than you can't understand soo sorry friends. This time i only use simple language to tell about these things but later  I give you all the step to to  use different type of tools.

➤Discover open ports and access points.

Gather the informatin of open port and access point of victim is importnt because open ports and access point tell you the weakness of victim network  or  firewall if you gather information of open ports and access point than it easy to attack . Attacker use tool like Nmap to know it. ( what is open port and access point we decuss later).

(If you think tha why i always says decuss later because  this is starting and some of topic you can't understand this time soo keep patience.)

➤Fingerprint the operating system.

If we know about operating system of victim than its esay for hacker to make plane how to hack. I fyou find open ports than it easy to know about Os. if port 25 open Attacker guess its linux. If dependends of experience of hackers.

➤Uncover service on ports.

which kind of service use by victim in important for hacker. Most scanning programs, such as Nmap and SuperScan, will report what common services are associated with those open ports. This easiest way to determine what services are associated with the open ports that were discovered is by banner grabbing. Telnet is an easy way to do this banner grabbing for FTP, SMTP, HTTP, and others. The command issued to banner grab with Telnet would contain the following syntax: Telnet (IP_Address) Port. Any example of this is shown here. This banner grabbing attempt was targeted against a web server.

I know you cant understand the above line because you don't know about telnet , ftp , smtp these are service.  I tell you in beginning that if you want to learn hacking than you must have patience. soo keep patience . i tell you whole things  and cover all the topic. Because this  time you only have to know about these things and later i tell you how its work soo don't worry.

If you have any problem than inbox on facebook click here to join our facebook page. Or you can also comment me here. And read my article  HACKING EASY OR HARD to know basic  things to learn ethical  hacking. Cybertroubleshooot start  group on Telegram whare i give you short note about hacking.



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