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Monday, 14 August 2017

Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

    Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts
Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

Hy, friends, Today we talk about facebook account hacking. Can we hack someone one fb id if yes than by  which methods we can hack fb id. Facebook is not a small social site . And its not easy to hack fb id Because facebook security is very good. But my friend their is some method by which we can hack fb accounts. This is not easy but not impossible. sooo today we can talk about  Different methods to hack facebook accounts..................... Let...... start.....


Methods- used -By -Hackers- to- Hack- Facebook- Accounts
Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

Phishing is most common method to hack facebook accounts. If you use good phishing attack than  you can definitely hack fb accounts. In this attack hacker make a fake fb login page similar to fb login page and send to victim with exciting offer that you have 50  girls  friends request  login and accept all friends request. And if  victim login by fb fake page than it password  is caputer by hacker. This methods is simple and dangerous. Many hacker use this to hack fb accounts.  sooo if you receive a link to login fb than never login by that page.......

 Saved passwords
Methods- used- By -Hackers- to -Hack- Facebook- Accounts
Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

  This method need physical access to victim computer. Many of you save your password in you browser when you login. If you do that than you are in risk beacuse your password can  stolen by   someone by USB. yes attacker only need to put his usb in your computer and all you save password goes into his pendrive. But i again tell you this attack need physical access if you don't know how to make pendrive for this attack (click here).  sooooo friends when you use any one USB or pendrive than must scan it once.


Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts
Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

Keylogging is  easy method to hack facebook account. In this method hacker only need install a keylogger program into your computer. And once program install  than  keylogger record you all key that you enter by keyboard and that record direct goes to hacker.Think if you enter you password that also record in program. And hacker are smart they can guess which one is your password..... soooo never install software from untrusted source and never open email from untrusted source...................

DNS spoofing

Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts
Methods used By Hackers to Hack Facebook Accounts

This  attack is happen only if you and attacker are on same network like wifi.  This attck is similary to phishing attack . only different is that . In this method attacker chance original fb login page by its own fake page no need to send fake page this happen only if you and attacker are on same  network. sooooo never use  in public area and when it open network.....................

This is some common method which hacker use to hack Facebook their are more method. if you want to know more method than share this post at once.............







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