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Monday, 26 June 2017


                     SEND SELF DELETING MESSAGE


whenever you see in movie where spy receive message and after reading the full message it delete automatically. If you think that it is not possible in real life then you're wrong yes it is possible. When you have to send some important message to other and not feel secure the message then this topic helpful to you. I am going to tell you how you can make self deleted message.


             SEND SELF DELETING MESSAGE       

Privnote site which give the great service to self deleted message. This website allow user to send one time message.  just right the message and create a link for the secret message. You also add password protection in your message and the website generate a link. Share this link with the person you want to send message and when the person read the message you got notification that the person read the message and the link expire after the first use.


Burnnote is similar website like notedip to keep you conversation private. All messages are only one time readable. and the great feature of burnnote is that it also prevent message copy. It mean no one can copy your message. it is also a great app to share important message to other. 
NOTE. This website is not available on internet now but soon it come....


send self deleting message

kaboom is app which also give feature to self destruction message. just write you message set your time to delete and the app create a link .you also add image in message. and share it on any where like Facebook , WhatsApp hike and more.........


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