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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to fix overheating issue of Android device.

                 How to fix overheating issue of Android device

  The reason behind the overheating of Android phones and best solutions that help your  to keep your Android device safe.

Android device is most uses oS in the world we performing lot of stuff and multi task. Overclocking the CPU speed may can result overheating  and can damage your processor. So it helpful to you to overcome this problem

⇛Charge phone properly.

Charging for overtime is main reason of overheating do not charge your phone for long time just charge 70 to 80% in hot day and if you want than full charge your phone in night

⇛Use original charger.

You must remember to use original charger. Duplicate charger  may damage your phone battery. Even phone manufacturing company always mention that don't use duplicate charger. So you must use original charger.


If your phone getting hot regular basis than there is chances that your phone have an app that can't handle.
We use multi work in our android phones like listening music and same time we Surf Internet downloading too and many more works it also led to overheating. so as possible avoid it.

⇛Heavy gaming.

We all loves to play games in our Android phones but you even know gaming consume more processing power then other apps. If you play Heavy game leds to start overheating. Now if you play heavy games then sure cleared your background tasks.

⇛Damage battery.

If your phone getting hot then please check your battery because it is possible that your battery is old or damaged. if their is any problem replace it as early as possible.

⇛Give Rest.

At last switch off your phone at least at night.



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