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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


                           HOW TO CLONE SIM CARD

how to clone sim card


Cloning a SIM card is cool stuff that everyone want to do, but you don't know how to clone a SIM card. Before cloning sim card must know about SIM card that how it work.
SIM (subscriber identity module) is the transmitter of signal to the mobile and Tower. SIM card have two types of keys IMSI value and kI value that enable the operator to know the mobile number and authenticate the customer.

These two keys are important to cloning a SIM card because IMSI and KI are the keys help to register the SIM card on the mobile network.

              how to clone sim card                 

➤How it work

The network operator only need IMSI and KI keys authenticate the customer and this is a big flow of GSM network. When we put these two key in blank Sim  then the operator think that this is origal sim and operator authenticated the sim.

➤Step to cloning a SIM card

First you need.

1. Blank sim card.
2. Card reader( available on Amazon and eBay).
3. And two Software USB sim card reader and Magic sim.

Put your blank SIM card in sim card reader. And open software magic sim after the connected select crack in the toolbar.

When you get KI keys then crack is finish. Click on file menu and save the file. If in process of cracking it ask for code then call the customer care and ask for code they will ask some question like why you want this code and you our information. Tell them some excuses when you get the code just put it and than you crack successfully.

than Remove your sim card but remember first disconnect it from the file menu otherwise it runid the sim card.

Than insert your blank sim card open with USB sim card reader software. Click connect.  it said no info found.

Then select write to sim , it will prompt you to select a .dat file then select that file which you save earlier.

Start it take about 10 to 15 minutes to write it. If it ask for a security code just put  the code which you get from operator.

                    how to clone sim card                            

➤NOTE =  All sim card are not cloneable. there are three type of sim card COMP 128V1 , COMP128V2 and COMP128V3. only COMP 128V1 is cloneable and  70% sim are COMP128V1.

➦IMPORTANT NOTE = Cloning of the SIM card is fully illegal and if you even get caught you faces punishment , so my advice is not do that . this  is  only education purpose.


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