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Saturday, 17 June 2017


                         10 AMAZING FACCBOOK FACTS  

              10 AMAZING FACBOOK FACTS          

       Facebook is one of largest social networking sites. facebook connects people from all over the world. we can share our daly life happen on facebook. soo now it become a part of ourlife.There are many facts about facebook and now I am tell you 10 AMAZING FACEBOOK FACTS.

                           ➤ You never block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.


                              ➤ 30 million dead people account on Facebook.

                    ➤  Everyday 600,000 hacking are made to Facebook account.

                        ➤ Facebook has designed february 2016 as friend's day.

     ➤   Mark Zuckerberg has disease of colour blindness soo primary colour of Facebook is blue. 

          10 AMAZING FACCBOOK FACTS              

           ➤ Every second 8 people joined Facebook 7246 people every 15 minutes.

                                 ➤  Facemash is older name of Facebook.

 ➤  If all the Facebook user make its own country it would be  fifth largest country in the world.

                       ➤  Syria, China, vietnam and Iran have banned Facebook. 



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